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Oil and Gas Project Logistics

From the trans-Alaska Pipeline construction in the 1970s to today's global oil field operations and exploration, Lynden has a long history of supporting the oil and gas industry. We transport equipment and supplies and handle complex logistics for the top companies in the business — all played out in some of the toughest environments around the world. With a variety of intermodal service options, we have the expertise, experience, infrastructure and personnel to handle anything you need shipped, trucked or flown onshore or offshore. We specialize in oversized cargo and have moved countless camp modules and drill rigs to support our oil field customers.

Oil and gas projects can be challenging, and Lynden understands the serious nature of handling oil and hazardous substances safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. We are proud of Lynden Transport's standing as the first Alaska carrier to qualify for the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay Environmental Partnership as well as the other Lynden companies who have joined the partnership.

Our ability to call upon the strengths of varied companies for support in any move or project sets us apart from our competitors. The combined expertise of our family of transportation and logistics companies gives us the capability to handle the most complicated, difficult projects for our customers — assignments most other companies wouldn't touch.

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Oil and Gas Project Transportation and Logistics

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