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Mining Project Logistics

Whether you need camp modules trucked to a remote mining site or charter air support to deliver freight to the top of a mountain, Lynden's combination of logistics and transportation companies can provide the services you need to make your mining operation a success. We offer personnel, truck transport of ore concentrate from mine to port, shiploading, charter barge services, assistance in setup and construction — whatever combination of services you require for mine operation or startup.

For more than 40 years, we've been helping mining customers explore, develop and operate mines all over the world. From copper and zinc to silver and gold, we are committed to safely and cost-effectively bringing your product to market.

Our ability to call upon the strengths of varied companies for support in any move or project sets us apart from our competitors. The combined expertise of our family of transportation and logistics companies gives us the capability to handle the most complicated, difficult projects for our customers — assignments most other companies wouldn't touch.

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Mining Project Transportation and Logistics

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