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Construction projects come in all shapes and sizes, and with more than 15 different companies to choose from, Lynden is uniquely qualified to help you get the job done. We offer intermodal services such as trucking, barge, air — even hovercraft — to help you move supplies and equipment to build whatever you need wherever you need it. Lynden excels at large-scale project management and can provide immediate mobilization.

We have helped build highways and bridges, runways and air fields, offshore oil field camps, office buildings, undersea pipelines, sea walls and jetties, geothermal wells, mines and much more. We are most proud of our global construction projects that improve access to remote areas and repair infrastructure in rural communities.

Our ability to call upon the strengths of varied companies for support in any move or project sets us apart from our competitors. The combined expertise of our family of transportation and logistics companies gives us the capability to handle the most complicated, difficult projects for our customers — assignments most other companies wouldn't touch.

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Construction Project Transportation and Logistics

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