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From sea to serve, Lynden offers total logistics support to the seafood industry. Our Cool Chain logistics service manages your seafood supply chain from start to finish. Whether you're shipping Copper River Salmon to Seattle or King Crab to Bangkok, Cool Chain picks up where the seafood is caught and delivers it to where it is consumed. We have been serving Alaska, the world's seafood hub, for decades, bringing its bounty to the world's restaurants, markets and dinner tables. With multi-mode air, land and sea transportation options we can move your catch fresh and keep it that way with temperature-controlled equipment and a cold storage facility in Anchorage. We provide 50-hour service from Anchorage to all points in the Seattle-Tacoma area and refrigerated truck service to other points in the Lower 48. If you want to follow your trout and salmon on its way to market, every shipment includes Lynden's free online e-commerce system for tracking, tracing and reporting.

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Alaska Seafood Shipping and Logistics

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