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Retail Shipping and Logistics

Lynden understands the retailer's bottom line: The product must be on the shelf when the customer wants to buy it. We make this happen for scores of retail customers who trust us to get their products into stores at exactly the right time while managing offshore shipping, warehousing and anything else needed. We offer innovative, tailored supply chain solutions for offshore, domestic and international clients.

Our services include:

  • Dynamic Routing: Only pay for the speed you need! Designed to work around your unique requirements, Dynamic Routing allows you to choose the mode of transportation - air, sea, or land - to control the speed of your deliveries so they arrive just as needed.
  • Information Technology: Purchase order management, order and warehouse systems, Inventory forecasting and control, e-commerce system for tracking and tailored reports
  • Facility Management: Total inventory management and complete fulfillment
  • Transportation Services: Retail distribution, consolidations, scheduled appointment deliveries to stores and malls, expedited and DDL time definite services


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Retail Shipping and Logistics

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