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Dynamic Routing - Only pay for the speed you need!

Utilizing trucks, ships, barge, ferry or aircraft in any combination, Lynden enables you to balance speed and cost when shipping to any point in Alaska. Plan shipments and optimize your supply chain with Lynden's Dynamic Routing service!

Dynamic Routing Highlights

  • Complete interstate Central Alaska TL and LTL capability via motor/water/motor routes, and weekly barge service from Seattle to Whittier/Anchorage.
  • Daily and weekly schedules between all Alaska highway points.
  • Twice weekly barge and three times weekly ferry service from Seattle/Tacoma to all Southeast Alaska ports. Weekly interport and Central Alaska connections.
  • Daily TL and twice weekly LTL service via the Alcan Highway from Seattle/Tacoma to all points in Central Alaska.
  • Daily motor carrier TL and LTL service from California to the Pacific Northwest, Western Canada and Alaska.
  • Expedited LTL and TL through motor carrier service from Texas to Alberta, Canada, all points in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Specialized expertise in transportation for the oil, mining and construction industries.
  • Weekly truck service between Alberta and Alaska. Special emphasis toward the oil, mining and construction industries.
  • QuickTrans provides the speed of air freight, at the economy of truck freight between the Seattle/Tacoma area and major points in Central Alaska. Departs Tuesdays and Fridays from Tacoma with arrivals in Anchorage on Fridays and Mondays. Departs Tuesdays and Fridays from Tacoma with arrivals in Fairbanks on Fridays and Mondays. Add one day to the Anchorage schedule for Kenai and one day to the Fairbanks schedule for Prudhoe Bay.

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Dynamic Routing Highlights - Only pay for the speed you need!

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