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Lynden's Environmental Policy

Lynden strives to operate in the most efficient manner with the highest regard for the health and safety of our employees and protection of the environment. We pledge to manage our business in accordance with the following principles, to the greatest extent feasible:

  • Meet or exceed requirements of applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Maintain a commitment to continual improvement in environmental performance with consideration given to environmental aspects and including areas not subject to regulation.
  • Consider the long-term and overall environmental impact of our choices. Aim to strike the optimum balance between the environment and the long-term viability of our business.
  • Prevent pollution and protect the land air and water by maximizing efficiency, operating safely and responsibly, striving for cleaner processes, and guarding against accidents and avoidable pollution.
  • Make the environment a priority by encouraging and actively supporting employees in their daily efforts to achieve and surpass environmental compliance obligations and improve environmental performance.
  • Provide employees with an environmentally friendly workplace, clear expectations regarding environmental requirements, and the necessary training to perform their jobs in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Inform employees, contractors, partners, government agencies, and the public of our environmental policy and relevant environmental aspects of our operations. Openly listen, consult, and respond to their concerns.
  • Establish, monitor, and periodically review environmental objectives and targets.
  • Make appropriate resources available to implement this policy.

This environmental policy applies to all Lynden activities.

Jim Jansen

Chairman of the Board

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Moving freight with the highest regard for health, safety and the protection of the environment

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Lynden's Environmental Policy

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