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Shipping to Alaska and Worldwide

Lynden provides solutions to your transportation and logistics challenges. Our multi-modal capabilities allow you to balance speed and budget by shipping via air, land, or sea.

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Shipping to Alaska and Worldwide

Lynden Gets You There!

Lynden provides shipping solutions for most destinations around the world. Whether a one-time project to a remote Alaska location or regular supply chain services to a busy metropolis, Lynden can get you there.

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Bulk Shipping to Alaska

“Out Of The Box” Shipping

Lynden's bulk shipping capabilities range from temperature-controlled edible products to hazardous chemical shipments. Our custom-built equipment is designed with your needs in mind.

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Alaska Shipping and Logistics

Transportation Logistics Expertise

Consider Lynden an important link in your supply chain logistics. From regular shipping logistics to specialized charter equipment, Lynden has the transportation network and expertise to keep your supply chain running smoothly.

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Oversized Shipping to Alaska

No Challenge Is Too Big

At Lynden, no load is too wide, too tall or too heavy. With a variety of equipment, including special trailers, barges built to carry bulk freight and a fleet of Hercules cargo planes, we can handle any request or challenge.

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Alaska Project Logistics

Simplify Your Difficult Projects

Lynden has played a part in some of the world's most complex and challenging construction, mining and oilfield projects. Our experience with projects in difficult terrain, such as Alaska and Russia, gives us a unique capability for project shipping and logistics.

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Drivers – Join the Lynden Team!

Lynden offers a variety of equipment, routes, and schedules for our drivers

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Winner of the Quest for Quality

This marks Lynden's 40th top finish in the annual Quest for Quality Awards.

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EZ Commerce

EZ Commerce

EZ Commerce allows you to create shipments, track shipments, review shipping history, download reports, and view documents such as Delivery Receipts and Invoices. EZ Commerce helps make doing business with us easier.

It's easy, it's secure, and it's free!

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Track a Shipment

Track a Shipment

Basic tracking information. You do not need to log into EZ Commerce.

Detailed tracking and additional shipment information. You will be prompted to login to EZ Commerce.

Email Alerts for Shipments

Email Alerts for ShipmentsTracking your shipment now gets easier! Receive automatic email notifications when your shipment departs origin, arrives at destination, and is delivered. Learn more

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About Lynden: Shipping to Alaska and Worldwide

Lynden is a family of transportation and logistics companies built around a common goal - to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. While some Lynden companies call the Pacific Northwest and Alaska home, we have offices around the world. Regarded as experts on Alaska shipping, the reach of our services extends around the globe and across many industries.

Lynden began with a clear mission: put the customer first, deliver quality, be the best and have fun doing it. Lynden Transport pioneered trucking to Alaska via the Alcan Highway in 1954. Today, Lynden operates multi-modal services to, from and within Alaska with global air cargo and freight forwarding services. But our mission remains the same. We believe that complex transportation problems can be solved in the hands of the right people, with the right tools and the right experience.

Lynden has built a reputation of superior service to diverse industries including energy, mining, construction, seafood, retail and manufacturing. The combined capabilities of the Lynden companies includes truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, scheduled and charter barges, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered air freighters, domestic and international forwarding and customs services, sanitary bulk commodities hauling, and multi-modal logistics. Our service to, from and within Alaska is unrivaled. We have been shipping to Alaska for more than 60 years and have the most extensive network of transportation centers. We have also used our knowledge of challenging environments and multi-modal services to serve such areas as Western Canada, Russia and Hawaii. We go wherever and whenever customers need us.

Lynden offers customers a range of technologies and tools, whether you are looking for a quick update or want to capture data and translate it into detailed reports. Sign up to receive automatic email alerts with status updates on your shipments. Wherever you are shipping, Lynden's EZ Commerce lets you book shipments online and provides the tracking information you need from origin to destination with the ability to view signed delivery receipts and other documentation. Our reporting feature allows customers to choose from a variety of reports or create their own and share shipment data with others. Lynden also offers a mobile app where customers can track and manage shipments on the go, without having to remember a tracking number!

The Lynden family of companies delivers a completely integrated freight transportation package. Our people have the knowledge to solve any multi-modal transportation problem and can guide you through the entire process. From origin to destination, over any terrain, managing freight to Alaska or to anywhere in the world, Lynden provides innovative shipping solutions to meet unique needs, keeping you in control while providing services no other company can match.